Celebrating our First Cookery Clubs at ARK Blacklands School


make food cookery after school clubsTo celebrate a great term running our Cookery Clubs for Kids at Ark Blacklands, I gave the children the chance to turn our after school club into their very own pop up cafĂ© for their loved the ones and they delivered the food, ambiance and service that’d make any food proprietor proud!

Over the course of the term we worked our way through seven recipes and explored food themes around them from nutritious powerballs and the role of different vitamins to our not so cheeky chicken nuggets when the children got to ‘play chicken’ and experience what life is like for free range and barn kept birds.

So they could review and practice some skills from the term, the children to voted for their favourite dish with the younger groups going for the chicken nuggets and the older children opting to make Super Soup, which was packed full of delicious veg.

make food cookery after school clubs for childrenIt was great to see the children not opting for the sweet options (although there were a fair few votes for our lighter chocolate mousse) and having their parents come and eat the food hopefully has shown the families how easy these simple savoury dishes can be and how the children have the skills to help with evening meals.

I wanted to try and pick out a couple of highlights but can honestly say that each session has been great and it’s been wonderful to cook with these brilliant, creative, funny and passionate little foodies each week.

Over the term, families, staff and children at Ark Blacklands were incredibly welcoming, with teaching staff regularly popping in to tell the kids how delicious the food smells and the kids swapping recipes with their teachers and friends, which has been incredibly encouraging and has helped Make Food become part of the school community. This sense of collective sharing of ideas, healthier recipes and also just the joy of food is really important to Make Food as  I hope to spark exchanges that take the children and the people around them on a new food journey.

Our aim is give children the opportunity and skills to cook fresh food from scratch and the knowledge about food so they can become more mindful eaters, with stats out this week showing that 1 in 11 adults around the world now have diabetes we really hope that this next generation will not make the same mistakes from the past. Things are looking up and changes such as the sugar tax will help but the most important thing we can do is to arm children with the information about food and give them the practical skills they need to make, know and love food rather than simply consumers. 

I’m really excited to be working with this great school again next term and with the warmer weather, lighter evenings and of course the growing season all around the corner, I think it’s going to be a fantastic summer!

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