Make Food Cooking Clubs Does Veganuary

veganuary for make food cooking class

One of our biggest goals in teaching people about food is to help connect them more directly with where it comes from and in this we sometimes look at tough but real problems in our food system and topics that we often look at are the environmental and ethical concerns related to meat production.

The world’s insatiable appetite for meat is pushing our planet to it’s limits: each day vast swathes of rainforest lost for meat production, people starve in countries where crops are grown for animals not them and the world is being made warmer by the toxic green house gases produced by animals, which is more than all our trains, planes and automobiles put together.

make food cooking classes veganuaryWe think it’s important that children are made aware of this now as unfortunately it is their generation who will pay the cost of this current broken food system but hopefully by giving them an understanding of the problems, they will have the power, knowledge and creativity  to find new solutions that are better for the planet but also ultimately for them.

This is why this month seemed like a great opportunity to get involved in the fun of Veganuary, take more time to look at veganism and find out why a growing number of people are eating this way. So as well as cooking three delicious vegan recipes this month, our young cooks will also be having discussions, watching videos and meeting a real life vegan to discover more.

For Veganuary, Make Food students will be cooking a delicious Chilli con Quorn, Fabulously fruity Vegan Flapjacks and a Tasty Vegan Tagine oh and of course there’ll be plenty of tracks from the mighty vegan Macka B!

One and a half weeks in and the response has been fantastic and it’s been interesting to see how awareness and understanding of veganism has grown over the last few years. All of our cooks knew what being vegan meant and put together great lists of what vegans can and can’t eat and have started discussing the ethical, environmental and health reasons that inspire people to go vegan.

We’re really looking forward to enjoying the rest of Veganuary and sharing some delicious recipes along the way!

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