Each Make Food class is topic-driven and combines practical skills with learning. 

Seasonality and healthy eating are at the core of what we do and we also make sure that these ideas are effectively communicated to the children we work with in each session so they can start to understand for themselves why these ideas are so important and how this can help them eat and feel better.

In each session children gain practical cookery skills through preparing a seasonal, predominantly savoury dish from scratch. The majority of our recipes are vegetarian and are packed with vegetables and whole grains, which means that many are also naturally dairy and gluten free and suitable for a children with different dietary requirements.

Make Food provides everything the children will need to make their dish, including ingredients and also biodegradable packaging which in which they can transport their food home. This means they can enjoy what they have made that evening for dinner or the next day and share their new skills and dishes with their families.

Each class also incorporates a game, interactive learning exercise or activity which communicates the wider topic and helps children to start building their own food knowledge so they can make better informed choices and can also understand what makes some foods so special and why they should cut down on other foods.

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