After School Clubs

Make Food has been running fun and engaging cooking after school clubs for three years in which children aged 5 – 11 enjoy learning how to make a variety of dishes and explore a wider food theme through immersive games, challenges and activities.

The majority of our recipes are savoury and teach core practical cooking skills such as chopping, grating, measuring and stirring. We create a safe environment for children to learn essential life skills that will help make them confident cooks and adventurous eaters for years to come.

Our classes offer a unique opportunity for children to explore and gain understanding of our complex food system. Through our fun and accessible games and activities children learn about the production, nutrition, ethics and issues related to food and begin understanding it’s complexities.

Currently our clubs are run in Hastings and Ark Blacklands and The Baird and are paid for directly by parents. We are always interested in working with new schools and if parents or teachers would like to discuss Make Food Club coming to their school please email

Here’s a flavour of the types of topics and food we make each week:

Brilliant Breakfasts: Children will discuss the importance of breakfast and compare different types of breakfast and rank them in what they think is healthiest, they will be encouraged to discuss their own breakfast habits by creating their own breakfast diary for a week. We’ll then prepare a balanced breakfast dish such as mini frittatas, sugar free granola breakfast pots and overnight oats.

Snack Smart:  We discuss how snacking has become our modern day form of comfort eating and will use the Change 4 Life Food Smart app to look at the salt and saturated fat in some of our favourite quick snacks and drinks. The young cooks then have a go at making their own speedy and delicious healthier snack such as a Mexican crunch wrap, low sugar microwave cake and savoury scones. The children are then encouraged to download the app with their parents so they can check their favourite snacks in the future and hopefully make smarter choices.

Not so Cheeky Chicken: Children learn about free range farming methods and animal welfare through and interactive “Chicken Run” game.  We will discuss why free range fresh chicken can seem more expensive and the difference between fresh and processed chicken.  Children then prepare a healthier update of one of their favourite foods – chicken nuggets.

Sharing Food: At the end of each term, children choose their favourite recipes from the term to recreate for their parents in a special end of term party. Make Food appreciate how important the relationship between a school and parents is and we think this is a good way of bringing people together. It is also a great opportunity for the children to revise skills learnt and to show their parents their cooking skills and knowledge which might encourage them to get more involved in meal planning and cooking at home.