Workshops for Schools

Make Food also offers bespoke cookery workshops for schools in which children have an extended opportunity to explore a food topic and gain practical cookery experience.

Having worked in early years and primary education, lead tutor Kate Rintoul has a good understanding of working in schools and in effective techniques for creating and delivering structured and engaging lessons.

Make Food workshops combine interactive play, discussion, visual displays and practical cooking to take children on a learning journey that gives them new understanding of the food they eat. Our sessions suit a range of learners and pupil feedback has shown that every child we’ve worked with has gained something positive from the experience.

Ahead of a workshop we will be in contact with the teachers we are working with to discuss what the children have been learning about, school directives, or community concerns so that we can design a specific, appropriate and impactful session that will mean something to the children who take part.

We will also adapt the session to suit different classrooms and facilities, including supplying equipment and cooking equipment for schools that do not have a kitchen for teaching.

Our Previous Workshops:

Inspired by the Seaside topic in KS2, Make Food hosted a “Fantastic Fish” workshop in which Year 3 pupils at Marvel’s Lane School learnt about how certain fishing techniques such as trawling and over fishing have put pressure on our oceans wildlife. Through the interactive game “Lets Go Fishing” learned about the benefits of Pole and Line fishing, which is more sustainable and to look for this when buying fish. The children then prepared some delicious Tuna Burgers with salad that were taken home for dinner that night.

in the summer of 2017 we were invited by the Baird Primary Academy to deliver a week of healthy eating workshops with their year 5 pupils. Having spoken to teaching staff we created a tailored activity that linked to the children’s topic of Arabian Nights as the children cooked a healthy Middle Eastern Feast featuring Chicken Shish, veg packed cous cous and an Egyptian ‘mother of fruit salads’ with frozen yoghurt. The children also learnt about the ancient spice route and compared the nutritional stats of our favourite takeaways through our Take Away Top Trumps Cards and why it’s healthier to cook at home and share a meal with our familes.

We have also worked with the charity School Food Matters to create and deliver fun cooking activities for London based primary schools. 

Bring Make Food to Your School:

If you would like to find out more about our school workshops and discuss Make Food coming to your school, please contact

As we like to create a unique workshop experience and package for each school group we work with we do not have a set cost for our workshops but are flexible to work with a range of school budgets to provide value for money and positive inclusive food experiences for children.